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What Is The Difference Between Psychiatrist Vs Psychologist

Many people want to understand the difference between a psychiatrist vs psychologist. Some people are of the belief that they are one and the same thing. While, there is much overlapping between the two professions, there are some subtle differences that people should know about. Both professionals help people to work through their issues. Their approaches are quite different.

The training that these two therapists receive is quite different. Psychiatrists need to have medical training while psychologists have no need for medical training. Both will need to have a degree in psychology, and both can study further in the field. In Britain, psychiatrists need to spend at least twelve months studying medicine.

Psychiatrists are therefore, able to prescribe medication to patients and psychologists are not permitted to do this. There are exceptions whereby nurses can study to have the right to permit sleeping tablets to certain patients. Psychologists are not permitted to prescribe sleeping pills to their patients. Psychiatrists need to spend much time on pharmacological studies so that they understand how medicine works on patients. They also need to understand any contraindications that medicine can have on patients.

Psychologists, therefore, need to utilize other resources to bring about good mental health in their patients. Psychiatrists are able to prescribe drugs, which might serve to suppress certain symptoms. The former therapy involves discussing problem-solving skills and discussing various behaviors for patients to become better. Psychologists use psychological testing to assess the mental status of their patients and use this information to determine which therapeutic approach will work best.

Psychiatrists have the mandate to involuntarily detain patients in hospital if the patients present a clear and present danger to themselves and or other people. Psychologists do not have this mandate and therefore have to refer such patients if the need arises. Psychiatrists certainly have more power over their esteemed colleagues.

Using anxiety as an example of how the two professionals approach the condition, psychiatrists might be quick to prescribe tranquilizers, while psychologists address the behavioral issues of these patients. Sometimes intervention techniques are used to bring about relief from the anxiety. It is quite clear that the difference in approach is stark to say the least. Some quarters believe that addressing behavioral issues is better as it brings about long-lasting change. Prescribing medication simply brings about temporary relief and can create a crutch for patients. When the medication is stopped, the anxiety will return.

Psychiatrists focus on patients understanding themselves and teach the patients how to behave differently. They also focus on patients changing their thought processes in order to be able to behave in a different way. While this approach might seem to take longer, it does bring about lasting change provided the patients work together with the therapists.

The debate between a psychiatrist vs psychologist will continue for a long time to come. Patients must decide whether they want a quick fix or lasting results. Many people today, are moving away from medicine and looking towards holistic approaches to improve their lives. It is also more cost-effective to get treated without the use of medicine.

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