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What is the Average Psychologist Salary?

The average psychologist salary is pegged at $65,000 per year. A fresh graduate can expect to start his career at $40,000/year. Psychology is a creative, dynamic and exciting subject that explores human mind and behavior. Psychology as a subject first made its appearance in 1870 and since then has gone from strength to strength. It is a very broad subject that covers biology and sociology and everything connected in between. APA or American Psychologist Association is the governing organization of all psychologists in America.The Psychologist’s RoleA psychologist has a doctoral degree. He studies how the brain functions and its relationship with real-world human behavior. He also studies the relationship between the environment and human behavior. He conducts basic and applied research as well.

A psychologist follows scientific techniques. He observes, experiments, analyzes his patient’s intelligence and personality and then judges him. He must be creative and innovative because every patient that walks into the psychologist’s clinic is different from each other and no one treatment can work for all.

A psychologist plays a very important role in building national health because most of the medical conditions affecting society today are lifestyle-related. A psychologist can use his persuasive powers to influence people to lead a healthy lifestyle and think straight. This is why the psychologist salary is so high.Psychology – Subfields

Psychology is a very challenging subject. It’s not just about making people lie down on the couch and talk about their life. Here’s a list of the different specialties that a psychologist can choose:

Clinical psychologists analyze and treat emotional behavioral and mental conditions such as phobias, depression, adolescent conflict and schizophrenia.

Cognitive psychologists engage in the study of how humans think and learn, how their memory ticks, how they create language, and their powers of perception.

Community psychologists empower communities and organizations by helping them understand how to access resources and collaborate for success. For example: getting communities together to mitigate the effects of natural disasters, getting communities together to prevent neighborhood crime, etc.

Development psychologists engage in the study of human psychological development from birth to death. This has been necessitated because life expectancy has shot up and therefore every nation must understand the demands of an aging population that’s increasing by the day.

Educational psychologists focus on teaching and learning. They study student motivation, ethnic, cultural, and race-related factors, etc.

Engineering psychologists study the interaction between man and machine. They then work on optimum methods of interaction that can reduce human stress and fatigue, and enhance production.

This list is rather long and every psychology student can find gainful employment in a range of industries. Here are the other areas that a psychologist can specialize in:

  • Environmental
  • Evolution
  • Experimental
  • Forensic
  • Health
  • Industrial
  • Behavioral
  • Quantitative and Measurement
  • Rehabilitation
  • Social
  • Sports Psychologist

Psychologists will always be in demand and the psychologist salary will continue its upward trend. According to the US Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the demand for psychologists will continue to grow over the next decade because of the increased demand from schools, hospitals, community service agencies, and organizations. America’s aging population will also keep the demand high.

The biggest mission before psychologists is to cure America of its lifestyle ills. The government expects psychologists to counsel Americans to give up on an unhealthy lifestyle that includes procrastination, junk food, alcohol, and smoking, and return to good old American values.

Doctoral graduates in psychology will be preferred over others and such graduates will easily find employment of their choice. The Doctoral psychologist salary will be the highest in its class. Master’s Graduates will come in second and such graduates will mostly find employment in schools, marketing/business research areas and in industries/corporates.  Bachelor’s graduates will come in last and such graduates will likely find employment as school teachers.What Does a Psychologist Do?

A psychologist performs duties depending on his work environment. No matter where a psychologist is employed, there is one thing that he has in common with every other psychologist – and that is the study and analysis of human mind and behavior, and learning how humans think, feel and act. Psychologists also study other animals. Here is a typical list of activities that psychologists engage in:

A psychologist conducts research in a variety of settings. Every psychologist conducts research on how the brain functions and how individuals think and behave. Psychologists study mentally ill people, criminals, aged people, children, students, CEOs, and just about anyone else you can think of. The research is conducted in labs and at the workplace and can happen in a university laboratory or on the highway or in an asylum.

A psychologist studies social development. He studies and analyzes the psychological and behavioral changes that occur in one’s lifetime. The study of social development includes language development, adolescent issues, family behavior, aging population behavior, and more.

A psychologist teaches and mentors students, youth and families. He can focus on cognitive issues or provide psychological assistance in an educational setting.

A psychology helps improve the mental and even the physical health of patients. He listens to the patients and discovers what is ailing him. Such psychologists can have their own practice or work in hospitals, clinics, community health centers, etc.

A psychologist helps empower communities by helping them collaborate and conduct social work that benefits the society.

A psychologist helps enhance industrial and service productivity by studying the interaction of man with his work environment and then suggesting methods that will increase production and reduce human stress.

A psychologist even helps athletes excel in their area of sports.

What you have read above are a few examples – psychologists are required in every sector you can think of. An aging population, mental health problems, and a lifestyle gone haywire will always ensure that the demand for psychologists is robust. So, if you are thinking of psychology as a career – don’t think twice, just jump in. You will find that the psychologist salary number will continue to rise and by the time you graduate from a reputed university, you will be in a position to write your own paycheck.

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